SailTime Yacht Membership Program


A SailTime fractional sailing membership is the newest way to sail the Chesapeake Bay. SailTime is like a gym membership for boats. When you join, you pay a monthly fee and we give you a set of keys to a brand new Hunter sailboat. A SailTime membership is ideal for those who charter several times a year and for those who would like a little more flexibility to sail on the spur ofthe moment whenever they have free time. It’s just like having your own boat at your disposal for one third of the annual cost.HOW MUCH DOES A MEMBERSHIP COST?

Everything is included in your monthly membership fee including fuel, maintenance, slip fees, insurance, even a monthly detail. See rate chart below.

2013 Hunter 33$645 classic / $395 lite
2016 Beneteau 35Seeking Owner
2016 Beneteau 38$795 classic / $445 lite

A $1,500 joining fee which includes ASA 101 keelboat training and a SailTime competency check out.



You can sail the boat for as little as an hour or take it out for a whole week. There are only eight members to a boat exclusively and that’s it. Each member can make seven sail reservations per month, and gets unlimited use when the boat is available if booked within thirty-six hours. SailTime is just like having your own boat, in that at the spur of the moment you can go for a late afternoon sail on those perfect weather days and follow the evening with a nice dinner out.


Once a SailTime member, you will be given a login and password to the SailTime member’s website. There you can make your sail reservations up to a year in advance through the online calendar. The sophisticated scheduling software manages and tracks each member’s reservation allocation. The scheduler also allows members to bank and borrow reservations from other months. So, for example, if you are an accountant and the month of April is too busy for you to sail; then you could bank April’s reservations and use them in July and or other months that season.

Rates apply to SailTime Baltimore & Havre de Grace locations only. For more information please contact us at (410) 472-3024 or visit our web site at